Substance Misuse

(Drug & Alcohol) Training Program

Confidential-Connection provide a generic Substance Misuse Training Program. Working with the new S.I.D (Substance Identification Box) The program is designed to test the participants knowledge both pre and post drug awareness training, it may also be used as a fun learning game at any time.

The 26 vials contain a small amount of replica drug or associated substance the bottle are securely sealed and labelled with numbers, participants must identify the contents inclusive of A,B,C or just legal, their street name and UK classification place each bottle in it’s corresponding ‘slot’ on the S.I.D game board.

The benefit of your training session is that it has been fun, challenging and interactive, We all know that bored, unchallenged programs learn very little

Replica includes:-

  • 01 Cannabis Herbal 11 Cocaine 21 Raw Opium
  • 02 Cannabis Resin 12 Crack Cocaine 22 Methadone
  • 03 Cannabis Seeds 13 Poppers (Amyl-Nitrate) 23 L.S.D.
  • 04 Cannabis Oil 14 Alcohol 24 Magic Mushrooms
  • 05 Crystal Meth. Amphetamine 15 Solvents 25 Steroids
  • 06 Ketamin 16 Medicines (POM &OTC 26 Blood Sample
  • 07 Rohypnol 17 Tobacco
  • 08 GHB 18 Tripstacy
  • 09 Amphetamine 19 Heroin
  • 10 Ecstasy 20 Khat

Drug testing is a complex and sometimes challenging activity. It is dependent on expert scientific knowledge and shared best practice.

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