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Is It My Concern?
YES – Drug misuse can be a serious problem if you fail to act, not only for the misuser but also for the business where they work and, sometimes, for their co-workers.  Under the Health & Safety at work Act 1974, you have a duty as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure the welfare at work of your employees.

Employers also have a duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – to assess all the risks to the health and safety of your employees. 

If you knowingly allow an employee under the influence of drug misuse to continue working and his/her behavior places the employee or others at risk, YOU could be prosecuted.  Your employees are ALSO required to take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by what they do at in the workplace.

Successfully tackling drug misuse can benefit both your business and employees by screening as outlined:

The Benefits to your company.

Pre-employment screening as part of a recruitment stage is beneficial at the recruitment stage screening, can save on the cost of recruiting and training new employees, to replace those employees who may be terminated due to untreated drug misuse further into their employment.

  • Drug screening reduces absenteeism or impaired productivity.
  • Drug screening can creates a more productive environment by offering support to those employees who declare a drug-related problem, improving the employee
  • Screening REDUCES the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgment
  • The process enhances public perception of your organisation, as a responsible employer, adhering to health and safety legislation.
  • By contributing to society’s efforts to combat drug misuse.

Who is at risk?
All kinds of people are involved in drug/alcohol misuse, they do not conform to any Stereotype.  A lot of people who are involved in drug misuse are in work. Drugs effect the brain and the body in a number of ways.  They can alter the way a person thinks, perceives and feels, this can lead to either impaired judgment or concentration fatalities.  Drug misuse can also lead to self neglect and well-being.  This may adversely influence performance at work, even when misuse takes place outside the workplace.

What can I do?
It is good practice to have a policy even if you do not find any evidence of current drug misuse.  A policy which is in place and acted on will enable you to deal with any future problems which may arise.  All organizations’ large and small can benefit from an agreed policy applying to all staff on drug misuse (ensuring no discrimination issues).  Alcohol misuse, should form part of your organisation’s overall health & safety policy.  If there is No Drug Misuse Policy within your organisation, you could be at risk of the Employee’s Public Insurance Liability, vicariously liable to a corporate homicide/manslaughter prosecution.  A responsible company who has a policy implemented and acts of (Independently screening) could reduce their public insurance liability.  However, if a secured conviction through an employer occurs the conviction is stored on a data base for public viewing and the companies insurance will escalate into millions. 

Drug testing is a complex and sometimes challenging activity. It is dependent on expert scientific knowledge and shared best practice.

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