Drug & Alcohol Screening

“Confidential Connection”.  provides Drug & Alcohol screening in the Work Place.
 As the Project Manager my working history consists of working for the Home Office for almost a decade, incorporating Drug testing Offenders with a history of Drug/Alcohol Abuse.

Why Choose Confidential-Connection?

Drug testing is a complex and sometimes challenging activity.  It is dependent on expert scientific knowledge and shared best practice. We are independent from your company with the potential to alleviate any discriminatory claims by the  employee.

Confidential Connection is confident in the best products and services based on the development of our expert skills. 

Confidential-Connection is a Cheshire/Merseyside based company in the Borough of Halton and Liverpool we pride our services as personal and people orientated, whilst remaining professional. Our objective is to promote health and safety in the work place and strive to ensure a safer community.

Misuse of Drug Act 1971.
What is drug misuse:  The principle legislation in the UK, under the 1971 misuse of drug act makes the production, supply and possession in (class ‘A’ B’C’ controlled drugs unlawful except in certain circumstances (prescribed by a doctor).  If you knowingly permit drug activities to take place on your premises you could be committing an offence.
In July 2007 the introduction of Corporate Manslaughter Corporate Homicide legislation came into effect, making all responsible organizations, aware of the Implications of serious accidents resulting in serious injury/fatality to a person through their employee’s actions.  If the employer has not taken all necessary health and safety Steps, implementing strategic policies and actively screening a percentage of staff personnel and document records of which drugs enhances risk, the employer can be liable to prosecution, which is inclusive of a possible custodial sentence for staff and management.  In the case of a fatality local government with the police would take over an investigation, at a coroner’s court, if records show a company has placed and covered all avenues to eradicate risk (drug/alcohol via screening) then this will be looked upon favorably in the eyes of Health & Safety and the law.

Drug testing is a complex and sometimes challenging activity. It is dependent on expert scientific knowledge and shared best practice.

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